Minh Thanh L.H.P Advertising Co., Ltd.

Our services

Design & construct exhibition booth

An impressive exhibition booth is very important in exhibitions. An attractive and eye-catching booth can be a great success for enterprises and brands in connecting with potential customers as well as promoting and disseminating their new product lines at Expo events.

We are a professional unit in consulting, design and construct special exhibit booths at your request. With a team of creative designers and professional construction teams, and constructed the booths of the major brands. We are confident to bring you the most impressive and eye-catching exhibition booth.

Produce shelves

Advertising shelves are essential for your enterprises, companies. With a reserved shelf for brand and its own product line, it increases the perceived quality and prestige of the product when people see it at first sight. If you are not sure how to choose the style of cabinet, products display shelf for yourself. Please contact our advertising company, we will help you choose an optimal solution.

Interior – exterior

Consultancy, designing and construction of interior – exterior for shops, offices, plaza, showrooms etc. And aluminum facing for buildings, showroom on request.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the alu construction field in HCMC. We bring you the best service with the most professional and astute.

Processing mica 3D pressed

Minh Thanh Advertising Company L.H.P is Professional in the field of mica dimensional pressing, designing and construction directly or by order. Mica dimensional pressing can be widely used for outdoor and indoor signs.

– Mica clamp box dimensional pressed

– Mica logo dimensional pressed

– alu light box combining mica dimensional pressed

– Shelf, counter, mica model dimensional pressed

Production of advertising signboards

We are the professional consulting and construction of advertising signboards:

– Outdoor signboard

– Indoor signboard

– Neon advertising signboard

– Office nametag, building,

– LED advertising signboard

– Types of instruction sheets

For companies, offices, fashion shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, buildings, etc.

On common and special materials such as aluminum (aluminum alloy), mica, natural wood, tole, tempered glass, erosive copper & stainless steel corrosion etc.

You are wanting to give your brand an impressive signboard? Please contact us today.

Advertising model, also known as advertising Mockup is quite necessary and always make the viewers feel impressed and friendly with the product by the practical, impressive and easy to imagine. A product is sharp mockup will give viewers the excitement to experience a real product.

Minh Thanh Advertising Company L.H.P specializes in consulting, manufacturing mockup model on order. We always make perfect and eye-catching models for the promotion of our customers’ brands, with the finest and sharpest detail.