With a reserved shelf for brand and its own product line, it increases the perceived quality and prestige of the product when people see it at first sight.Not found: romaScore: 0.20

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Develop interior designing ideas by the dedicated designing softwares such as Autocad, 3dmax, Photoshop and office softwares.Not found: romaScore: 0.17

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Construct exhibition booth

...success for enterprises and brands in connecting with potential customers as well as promoting and disseminating their new product lines at Expo events. Not found: romaScore: 0.17

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Produce advertising signboards

LED advertising signboard – Types of instruction sheets For companies, offices, fashion shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, buildings, etc.Not found: romaScore: 0.16

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Processing mica products

Commitment to good quality and time is what we will please you. Mica products such as: –Not found: romaScore: 0.15

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About Us

About Minh Thanh L.H.P advertising company Minh Thanh L.H.P Advertising company was established in 1989, and official expansion since January, 2003.Not found: romaScore: 0.14

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